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About us


Libyan Asset Recovery and Management Office

The Libyan Asset Recovery and Management Office (LARMO) is the Libyan Government’s sole national entity responsible for investigating, recovering, and managing Libyan assets, anywhere in the world.

LARMO has more than 50 staff members organised into 10 departments – including international cooperation, IT, archive, legal, asset recovery & asset management – and works out of two offices in Tripoli, an office in Benghazi in the east of Libya and one in Sebha in the south of Libya, in an organisational structure approved by Libya’s Cabinet of Ministers.

International LARMO offices are planned for 2024 to assist with our global recovery efforts in cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our Embassies worldwide, who work closely with LARMO. 

LARMO develops its work strategy in accordance with the legislation in force, such as the Legislation for Establishing LARMO (Decision 1496), the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering Conventions, and other international agreements. 

Since 2021, under our new Director General Dr. Mohamed Mensli, LARMO has received numerous high-level visits from international organisations and foreign governments, who actively support our work, including through capacity-building and training partnerships such as United Nations agencies: UNICRI, UNITAR and the UNODC.  

“Larmo signs a cooperation agreement with UNODC.”


LARMO collaborates with local and international organisations for best practice with the goal of recovering the maximum amount of Libyan funds and assets, whether they are located inside or outside of Libya.

LARMO has developed its strategic plan for the recovery of Libyan assets by working with international organisations and embassies in Libya. With a growing number of  countries, trusted relations and transparent working practices have led to joint information sharing and to memorandums of undertsanding (MOUs) for mutual assistance in recovering Libya’s assets overseas.

To continue improving at LARMO, we have established partnerships for capacity building and performance development with a number of international organsations including the United Nations and the European Union.

At the local level, LARMO adopts a policy of reaching out and creating inclusive partnerships with central and local government departments, law enforcement agencies, lawmakers from a wide spectrum, and civil society shakeholders from across Libya, in the west, and in the east and the south of the country, where we have our regional offices.

We work closely with our Libyan multi-agency law enforcement partners – judicial, security & diplomatic – with the aim of recovering the largest possible amount of Libyan assets, in Libya and abroad. Some of these are:

Our Message

  • Promoting and developing an anti-corruption and transparent culture for LARMO and for Libya

  • Creating and promoting an inclusive environment for collaboration with local and international stakeholders in the recovery of Libyan assets

  • Maintaining channels of communication with all our partners involved in the process of recovering and managing Libyan assets

Our Objective

Recovering and managing Libyan assets for the benefit of the citizens and the state.

Our Vision

LARMO has a clear vision for success backed by best practice policy and enhanced organisational structures to achieve our goals for Libya.

Our Locations